100% confidential addiction service.

Take 5 minutes to read through the information on this page. You need to understand - no matter how bad your current situation is - you can get better...

I have also put up some more specific information on the other addiction pages...

I can help you to turn your life around today and provide a 100% confidential service.

I can also refer you to a more appropriate service - or a residential service if you want an immediate detox...

My specialism is working with people in "active" addiction and helping them to get better. I also provide the best ongoing support and aftercare to ensure you keep getting better. Getting better is a process - not an event.

The reality is that - you can "get better" or you can get worse...

If you are starting to lose things - like your family - your job - your relationships - or even your sanity - soon the only thing left to lose will be your life...

Not everyone gets better - and the problem of hitting rock bottom - is there's more than one rock bottom - and maybe your rock bottom is so deep and jagged you will die as you hit it...

Unfortunately this is one of the truths' according to Mark...

You can also get better... Much better... Even better than you can probably currently imagine...


May include - a substance - a behaviour - a person - or a combination of all three...


I have worked with people from all walks of life with addiction issues - from homeless street kids to rock stars, royalty to sex workers, "normal jobs" to city whiz kids.

Addiction is the one thing that does not discriminate in regards to age, sex, culture or social class.

Addiction once it takes hold of someone is real and needs lots of ongoing support if it is to be addressed successfully.

There are many different definitions of addiction - chemical - disease - social - genetic - self identity - excessive appetite - choice - synthetic - attachment - etc and to be honest the definition is not that important.

"Addiction is... A social construct, not an object that can be uniquely defined. According to the proposed theory, addiction can usefully viewed as a chronic condition of the "motivational system" in which reward seeking behaviour has become 'out of control'.

It oftens forms part of a well defined syndrome such as 'alcohol dependence syndrome' (Edwards and Gross 1976) involving cravings and withdrawal symptoms, but this need not be the case.

It can arise from many different underlying abnormalities and so perhaps is better regarded as a symptom more than a unitary disorder. It varies in severity and is also manifest in different patterns of behaviour from irregular bingeing to a sustained level of activity.

As a social construct, addiction has fuzzy boundaries. There are cases where there is a clear consensus that addiction is present and others where it is not. There are also cases where there is legitimate disagreement concerning whether this is a case of addiction or something that has 'addiction like' qualities. In this respect it is no different from other taxonomies in biology and social science. The important thing to note is that the label is not paramount. What is important is the set of phenomena that are observed and how to address them." Robert West (2006) Theory of Addiction

And I would like to add to that - The person is the "thing" that is important to me...

(Professor Robert taught me some interesting 'Stop Smoking' stuff many years ago).

I have worked in both residential treatment and therapeutic aftercare and have helped hundreds of people just like you to get better.

What do I do that is so successful? - Mainly I listen and then tell you the truth about what you need to do to get better.
  • I understand what people are going through and I co-create each intervention based on what you need to understand and know to get better.
  • I cover clinical assessment - professional ongoing treatment planning - diagnosis and direction.
  • I uncover your core values -
  • I look at what motivates you -
  • I strengthen your resources (internal and external) -
  • I help you to understand your current reward system -
  • I create a social support system -
  • I help you to choose maturity -
  • I provide ongoing support for as long as you need it.
And if that all sounds too technical or bullcrap - the reality is - I teach you - how to change you - and to change all the criticising, blaming, complaining, nagging, threatening, punishing and bribing / rewarding that is currently helping you to justify your addictive choices...

I do all this by being there and listening, by having one of the most knowledgable support networks in regards to addiction and by actually caring about whether you get better or not.

I get paid by results - I do not want to become part of a system that collects statistics and ticks boxes. I believe that I make a difference for real.

Addiction work for me is not a job or career - it is a vocation. I am passionate about helping people get better and I know you can create a better life and overcome addiction.

I co-managed one of the most successful drug projects in the UK and then left to continue helping people using a blend of talking, listening and a co-created treatment plan.

I can tailor the treatment plan to what you want, what you can afford and for as long as you need.

There is no 6 session cut off - or 12 week success rate - I can provide what you need to help you on your journey of getting better.

I continually help hundreds of people overcome their different addictions and can help you or your loved ones get better.

If you want to overcome any kind of addiction then I will do my utmost to teach you "how to get better" because someone once helped me...
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