Redecision Therapy is a highly effective short-term therapeutic approach that combines behavioral, cognitive and emotional interventions.

Redecision is the most useful and simplest theory I have ever come across - and when used properly - creates amazing changes - and quickly...
Mark Stipanovsky - Vann Joines, co author of Personality Adaptations - Q co-theorist of "The Aware Sequence" at the Mary Goulding Memorial International Conference

I redecided to lose over 70lbs, overcome my negative addictions, create positive relationships in my life, and a few other things since learning the process of Redecision - just imagine how different your life will be - if you decide to work with me and make some redecisions.

I have also studied Personality Adaptation theory with Ian Stewart Ph.D - the other author and Vann Joines Ph.D.

To take an online version of the Joines Personality Adaptation Questionnaire (JPAQ) go to the Southeast Institute website

The redecison approach consists of negotiating a clear, behaviorally specific contract concerning the changes one would like to make - today.

The redecision is made by resolving emotional issues that may be limiting you and keeping you stuck / frustrated / unwell / unhappy and freeing up your energy to take care of yourself in a much more productive and protective way today...

How is this done?

By using Tranactional Analysis and Gestalt dialogues to relive the past in the present and Re-decide using Adult awareness a way of taking care of yourself in the present that is not as limiting as some of the decisions you may have made as a child.

These decisions are normally unconscious and were a way of surviving in your family of origin. You also adapted the way you think, feel and do within these relationships (and maybe still do).

Using the power of Redecision you can change the world - beginning with you!

Because of the rapid and dramatic changes that are often made, the process can seem somewhat magical.

This approach is extremely effective for anxiety, panic, phobias, obsessive compulsive disorders, early trauma, depression, suicidal issues, bereavement and loss.

What redecision would you like to make?

Mark currently recommends Ian Stewart if you are interested in group marathon weekend work in the UK or Vann Joines in the USA.

Ian is based in Kegworth, near Nottingham, UK and Vann Joines is based in Chapel Hill, USA - and they are two of the world's leading Redecision Therapists

Hypnosis, psychotherapy and counselling interventions are evidence based and are offered as complementary to orthodox medical advice. They are designed to work with and not instead of conventional medical treatment. I will help stimulate your body and mind's own natural healing and problem solving capacities.
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