This is the things I specialise in:

Using hypnosis to create very successful weight loss strategies...

I understand more than most - I personally lost over 70lb - and have kept it off for over 18 years now - and I work with men, women, children and even whole families...

Weight loss using hypnotherapy may mean the difference between a "normal" life or continuing years of misery...

It seems we have decided to culturally demonise and bully people who are overweight and although I cannot "change" this - I can change you or your child to a healthier weight so that this horrible behaviour is stopped...

Not to mention all the health implications - so I will choose not to...

What I will mention is that I can help you on your weight loss journey however overweight you currently are - it also doesn't matter how long you've been overweight - even if it's been your whole life.

I can help you - guaranteed - or I don't charge - no get out clause - no small print - I know I can help you. 

What I don't know is: Are you willing to let me?

I also guarantee a 100% confidential service and I can promise that you will enjoy working with me.

If you are reading this then I guess you need to lose weight...

I imagine you have probably already tried everything, you may even be considering even more drastic measures such as surgery and are really fed up.

You may feel underlying emotional issue(s) are to blame and maybe you are feeling hopeless when it comes to getting to grips with your weight issue.

If this makes sense to you - then choose to work with me and I will change you, your beliefs of what's possible and your current body shape - for real.

And what's more, I promise guaranteed monthly results or your money back - no lengthy contracts - no get out clauses - just a genuine belief I can help you and if I can't - then you get your money back for that month...

I have personally worked with over 10,000 people - and measured group weight loss by the tonne.

I hypnotise you - to feel differently - to think differently - and most importantly - to "do" a few things on a daily basis that will "encourage you" to lose weight...

It isn't magic - and yet it seems that way - because it works - it's simple - and it's enjoyable...

It's also sustainable - because you learn how to operate your brain in a more helpful way...

How it works:

You meet me and we talk - that's it. We also write some stuff down. We agree to plan and measure some other stuff.


Then we meet again and I teach you "what you need to do next"...


I will also tell you approximately how long it will take to reach your ultimate goal after the first follow up session because it really depends on your current size, how much you need to lose and your current knowledge of what's possible...

I'm also a specialist in:

overcoming food addictions...

Pointing out life changing helpful information for people with diabetes type 2...

I have been fortunate to have learnt lots of interesting stuff that is teachable...

Me and another expert in weight issues - Kathy Leach - presenting me with a signed copy of her book at one of the Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy conferences.

Me being the guest clinical therapist on Tim Shaw's new BRMB show "REHAB" (WWW.TIMSHAW.CO.UK for more info)
Me and the brilliant Tim Shaw(Television Channel 5 and BRMB Radio presenter)on his latest show having fun, with me providing weight loss expertise for the guests and listeners.

One of questions people always ask me - Can hypnosis "really" help people lose weight?

According to me - definitely - and if you want a more "official! answer...

According to the hypnosis research - and there's loads - the answer is yes. Please take your time and read about these studies involving weight loss and hypnosis if you are interested.

Looking at multiple studies (meta-analysis) adding hypnosis to weight loss treatment increased weight loss by an average of 97% during treatment and even more importantly increased the effectiveness after treatment by over 146%. (Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 1996)

In another study of 60 women all at least 20% overweight (split hypnosis vs non-hypnosis), the groups using hypnosis lost an average of 17lbs, the non-hypnosis group lost only 0.5lb on average. (Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 1986)

In a nine week study of two weight management groups (split hypnosis vs non-hypnosis), the two year follow up showed the hypnosis groups continued to lose or maintain weight loss, while the non-hypnosis groups showed no further results. (Journal of Clinical Psychology, 1985)

In another review of scientific literature on hypnosis and weight loss, the conclusion was that hypnosis can reveal the specific reasons why people overeat and this in turn can help therapists prescribe specific interventions targeted at those reasons. (American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, 1992)

Studies seem to show that effective hypnotherapy weight loss programs generally consist of one session brief intervention to help people get motivated and then 6-12 or more sessions of group or individual one-to-one interventions to maintain the focus.

I will teach you a very simple and very effective self-hypnosis strategy that you can practice daily that will help you to stay focused long enough to reach your weight loss goal.

If you would like to research further into the efficacy of hypnosis and weight loss:

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Please remember that you are OK and that weight loss is a process - eat less of the things that you "addictively" overeat and you will lose weight.

Most people are unconsciously overeating addictive products and over-drinking addictive drinks (alcohol is not the only addictive drink!)

And finally, before the quotes - Please get all the support you need to successfully overcome your current overeating issue.


"A wise man once observed that it makes little sense to worry about excessive eating in the festive week from Christmas to New Year's Day. It makes much more sense to worry about what we eat between New Year's Day and Christmas." Evolution and Healing (1995)

"Excess nourishment is not an easily corrected health hazard, and many common solutions may do more harm than good. Voluntary restrictions on food intake may be interpreted by the body's regulatory machinery as a food shortage. The result may be a resetting of the basal metabolism so that calories are used even more efficiently and further fat reserves are amassed. Another consequence of food restriction is intensified hunger, with consequent eating binges." Evolution and Healing (1995)

"Things to do when I'm skinny". The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl (2008)

Hypnosis, psychotherapy and counselling interventions are evidence based and are offered as complementary to orthodox medical advice. They are designed to work with and not instead of conventional medical treatment. I will help stimulate your body and mind's own natural capacities.
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